Certified Web Development Professional

Certified Web Development Professional

Are you looking to get started in web development? Do you want to be able to code websites? Are you a designer who wants to expand your skills with coding?

If so, this certification program is for you.

Web Development Professional certification holders have a working knowledge of the front-end suite of languages-- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll be invited to work alongside master instructor Mark Lassoff as you master every skill in this series and then earn your certification.

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Certified Web Development Professional
  • Welcome to HTML

    Mark welcomes you to learning HTML-- Hypertext Markup Language. You'll learn what to expect in the HTML section of the Certified Web Development Professional Program

  • Tools of the Trade

    Mark describes the tools you'll use for coding HTML-- the same tools used by professional coders.

  • How to Code an HTML Page

    You will code your first HTML page and display the result in your browser window.

  • How to Edit an HTML Page

    You will edit an existing HTML page and change its content.

  • Engagement Activity

    You will create an additional HTML page from scratch to practice your new skills.